It has been fourteen months since I began this blog. It seems like a suitably odd time to look back and take stock. Below are links to fourteen poems written during this period that received a lot of response from readers or that I particularly like myself. There is one for each month. I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for reading, following, and providing your feedback to me. We all have packed schedules and it means a great deal to me that you take some time from yours for this little blog.

April: Three haiku from a rain forest
May: Rainy drive
June: Thoughts on visiting my grandfather’s grave
July: Loving the storms that sway her
August: End of season
September: Daily practice
October: One
November: Book of changes, i
December: Another poem about a rose
January: On reading “Hearing a Flute on a Spring Night …”
February: Jacksonville, Illinois
March: Twin waters
April: Haunted
May: Geraniums (Had to end with this one, as I purchased my annual geraniums for the front porch this afternoon and got a good whiff of that sharp aroma. Can’t someone breed a good-smelling geranium?!)