Our communion last night
was pizza and chocolates
and trailing conversation,
a wide prairie for your memory
to bound through.

You settled into our center –

How we loved you,
how you made us laugh
and roll our eyes and
fake scold you,
how you took that bait
and we took yours,

how you will fill our center
again and again
on cherished, patient evenings
when we talk of childhood
and Christmases, beach days and
basketball on the patio,

how we will always
be glad it was you,
and no one else,
how we will always
welcome you back,
hearts relieved, swollen.


Another loss, hard in its own way, our beloved dog Sunny passed away two days ago.

I am unilaterally declaring 2017 the year of healing and renewal. It has been such a tough couple months and it seems like this blog has taken on the cast of a journal rather than whatever I intended (whatever that was). It’s nice have an optimistic plan, but I know another couple of big ones are coming.

Find your peace —