Today I woke up afraid,
hope struggling to be born
on this very brink, for my sons,

for my city, for my unborn
grandchildren (who may choose
to never come forth, so unpleasant

are we), indeed for my world —
for all that is prized,
hard fought won conceded

cherished revised
overturned allowed to decay
corrected preserved.

It is all in my hands, right here,
opening in its fullness,
unready, burgeoning forth

an infant sure to walk steady
someday, but falling, tripping,
needing guard rails, baby-proofing

and not knowing it. I offer
my small helping of kindness
to this disquieting child,

encourage his fear,
give him reason to hope,
so that wisdom can take root,
dampen his exuberance.

I am grateful for a very thoughtful post at Fourth Chakra Yoga that gave me new perspective on the churning sadness we in the US feel right now as we see ourselves anew, again.