What a perfect set of commandments for writers. I will work on #3 this week.

Thanks, Jamie, for posting!




After reading a feature on how a writer applied Henry Miller’s “ten commandments” on writing to rather pedestrian projects, a dismayed friend emailed me . . .

… the vast all-consuming mediocrity has turned a great anarchist writer into … a muse for writing press releases.

Sadly, some who read that feature will miss the richness of Miller’s work. They may try to apply his advice, never having read it in the context of Henry Miller on Writing. They might not know his work or anything about his life.

I have to admit that I didn’t pay much attention to Miller until my son began reading him. Miller wasn’t required reading at school. I had not yet come of age when the “obscene” Tropic of Cancer was finally published in the U.S., a scant thirty years after its original publication in France. Miller became a cause célèbre, but was still disdained by many for his obscenity.

Miller is not…

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