through the fuzzy ultrasound screen
it was your chin I noticed first
fading in and out, scanning to your
cheekbones, eye sockets, my heart
belongs to you, for all it is worth,
right then, ever and no matter

as I push through the door now
it is your chin I notice first
lifted up high, you lean back
against your headrest; the woman
beside you tired, tending
your oxygen ever and no matter

our time passes in dense fog,
this muddle of devotion, of trading
dependencies, of letting go, of love,
of where we came from, why we meet
here, of what is the point and why
did we do it, ever and no matter

but more, I think:
of all the things that are right,
that delight us when bending
makes them stronger, of what
should have been, and that irreverence,
of how perfection is merely you —
all these wonders ever and no matter