The poet is a beggar: the month’s now been run;
All is, well, . . . ended, when tomorrow is done.
That you express content (or do not oth’wise say)
Amazes and pleases day exceeding day!
I honor your patience then, and thank your kind hearts,
For not sending hate mail as I mangled our art.

A very modest play on the epilogue to Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well.

I genuinely want to thank everyone reading this blog for your patience with all of my spur-of-the-moment poems this month, and for your exceptionally kind support. I am thrilled to have gotten to know so many wonderful, fellow poets and look forward to continuing our travels together.

There is one more poem left for tomorrow (promise it is not my worst, at least not in my opinion, which is often wrong). Then we can all take a deep breath and do math for a few days . . . or whatever . . . to cleanse our noggins and prepare ourselves for the editor’s scalpel!