Let’s talk slow for a while —
let’s pause and clean out
this high speed stream of to-dos,
follow-ups, closing the loops,
changes of plans,
pulling our heads
into a breathless maze.

Let’s talk slow,
or better,
sit in silence for a while
and let the wind blow through
in its own way.
Perhaps we will marvel at it,
or even wonder
once again.


Was practically assaulted by a key note speech today — omg! an hour plus of a fast talker listing out all sorts of things people in my industry need to pay attention to.  My ears were literally aching – they could not get the information into my brain fast enough and were shutting down.  They felt as if I had been at a punk concert and standing right in front of the speakers.  This poem came from the resulting utter exhaustion.  There should be a law about these things . . .